another version of your life

There is another version of your life: you at your uncompromising best. Fulfilled. Engaged. Inspired. Self-confident and in flow.

It might look a lot like what’s in place now, only more conscious, more considered and chosen anew. Sometimes the same puzzle pieces just need to be looked at from a different perspective to see where they complete the bigger picture. Sometimes the picture needs to change completely.

For some, it may be an expansive venturing forth; for others an inner alignment that is a new source of strength and accomplishment. At times, it is recognizing the value in what is here now; at other times, a courageous letting go of outmoded choices.

When you choose to explore the greater potential of your life, inner capacity meets external opportunity as self-imposed imitations recede. A compelling new vision of yourself finds expanded expression.

This is how we live without limit.