Our Process

Through the “Integral Coaching” that I am certified to practice: our process identifies the physical (somatic), the mental (intellectual constructs of the mind) and the emotional (intuitive knowing) truths of who you really are. Aligning this understanding of self to the individual’s or organization’s sense of purpose creates high performance behaviors that, I believe, are seldom achieved alone. Top athletes and performers consider personal coaches essential to peak performance; C level executives and top managers often credit a coach as an invaluable part of their formula for professional and personal success. It is easy to explain the dynamic impact of the coaching relationship. I call it “The 6 A’s of the Success Cycle”, or Playing your ‘A’ game:


Opening to the possibility of greater satisfaction and happiness; identifying limiting behaviors; identifying the goals and desires that lie beyond today’s limits. Choosing to put a coach in your corner sends a powerful message that you are ready to achieve what you’ve told yourself you want. 


When inner capacity meets external opportunity, feasibility becomes reality. We look at the whole self: the traits, personality, strengths and areas of improvement; the intuitive knowing and the intellectualized aspirations. We define your purpose in alignment to the true self.


A coach holds the intention with you, assuring the completion of your clarified goals. Without a coach, you might one day, possibly, eventually achieve all of your target ambitions. By adding systematic training and review with a qualified professional, compliance to the roadmap is guaranteed. Call it ‘commitment to self’ or mindfulness, the result is relaxed concentration, simple dedication to purpose and the increased enthusiasm and self esteem to propel you forward. 

Accelerated Accomplishment

Effectiveness and efficiency are critical skills for high performers in today’s warp-speed world. This is the target zone my clients learn to identify, demand and achieve. Shortening the time and distance to getting there is the coaches job. If you needed to measure the length of a football field, you could accomplish this with a 12 inch ruler. Or you could use a laser measurement tool. Which would you choose for reliability, speed and the resulting leisure time the right tool affords you? Coaching is the fastest way to your desired outcomes.


You’ll always have to answer to yourself, a much harsher critic than any coach or teacher. But will you reward and recognize the wins and successes you’ve achieved? This feedback loop is critical to maintaining the excitement and forward momentum to take you beyond. As your coach, I am witness and audience, promoter and unconditional enthusiast in the wings. 


Here is the payoff of what I call “Living your Life on Purpose”. With greater ease and empowerment, you will experience a life or increased satisfaction, self-confidence and a sense of easy control.








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