Client Testimonials

Whether you are looking to resolve a personal or professional issue, or wanting to expand to something more authentic or meaningful, Richard Levi will help you find the unique perspective to bring that to realization in a manner that is both professional and caring.

Richard brings an exceptional wealth of experience and myriad of talents to his work. He comes forward fully and infuses the world with inspiration while holding a safe place for those in need of a listening ear.
— Julie Endress, Coach Connection
Richard brought great clarity, grounding, professionalism, and a holistic sense of integration to the process. He brings years of experience and wisdom to the coaching process.
— Elizabeth Bertani, CEO Serendipity Organizing
Richard’s coaching helped me recognize that I can fulfill my own life dream, rather than live the dream of others.
— Diann Grim, Partners in Sustainable Learning
I consider Richard an excellent business consultant and coach with a passion for clear and practical approaches to professional and personal growth along with management and business development.
— John M. Iacoi, Esquire, Principal/Owner Law Office of John M. Iacoi & Associates,
Richard’s background and experience in the arts and business, as well as his dedication to helping others and continually developing himself, makes him a highly skilled practiconer in the coaching field. I highly recommend Richard to those wanting to work in either personal and/or professional areas of their life.
— Juliet Saxe, PhD
Richard is one of the most compassionate and caring coaches I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He has a gift of infusing his coaching with real creativity focused completely on what his client needs at that moment in time. I would consider any person being coached by Richard to be blessed indeed.
— Janine Everson, Center for Coaching Ltd.