Client Testimonials

Whether you are looking to resolve a personal or professional issue, or wanting to expand to something more authentic or meaningful, Richard Levi will help you find the unique perspective to bring that to realization in a manner that is both professional and caring.

Richard embodies a rare combination of warm, deep compassion, kind humor and thoughtful real-life experience into coaching relationships that provide safety, facilitate insight and catalyze effective action. Always inspiring and a pleasure to work with.
— James Flaherty MCC founder, New Ventures West Integral Coaching
Richard has an incredible ability to deliver the pace, tone and intensity that varies for each individual. Some of the friends I have referred require a gentler touch and they are as thrilled with Richard’s coaching as I have been. If you are lucky enough to get him to coach you, jump fast at the chance.
Richard operates with a keen, sophisticated, and rare emotional intelligence that I treasure.
— Shannon Mcauliffe, Lawyer
Richard Levi is one of the most exceptional coaches I know. I have worked with him as peer, as adjunct faculty in the year-long coaching training of New Ventures West, and I have hired him as my own coach. Richard is one of the rare leaders who can work with everyone: businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, and couples. Richard is more than a coach; he transforms people.
— Rebecca Ghanadan Coaching.
Richard brings an exceptional wealth of experience and myriad of talents to his work. He comes forward fully and infuses the world with inspiration while holding a safe place for those in need of a listening ear.
— Julie Endress, Coach Connection
“Richard brings years of experience and wisdom to the coaching process. I benefitted greatly from his clarity, grounding, professionalism, and holistic sense of integration.”
— Elizabeth Bertani, CEO Serendipity Organizing
Richard’s coaching helped me recognize that I can fulfill my own life dream, rather than live the dream of others.
— Diann Grimm, Partners in Sustainable Learning
I consider Richard an excellent business consultant and coach with a passion for clear and practical approaches to professional and personal growth along with management and business development.
— John M. Iacoi, Esquire, Principal/Owner Law Office of John M. Iacoi & Associates,
Richard’s background and experience in the arts and business, as well as his dedication to helping others and continually developing himself, makes him a highly skilled practitoner in the coaching field. I highly recommend Richard to those wanting to work in either personal and/or professional areas of their life.
— Juliet Saxe, PhD
Richard is one of the most compassionate and caring coaches I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He has a gift of infusing his coaching with real creativity focused completely on what his client needs at that moment in time. I would consider any person being coached by Richard to be blessed indeed.
— Janine Everson, Center for Coaching Ltd.