Coaching Process


Richard Levi Coaching works with individuals and organizations committed to looking beyond the transparent fence of today’s seeming realities and beliefs to view the limitless field of possibility that lies beyond. Our coaching work together identifies what that perceived perimeter is and how it may serve to limit your vision, potential and inspired performance.

Effectiveness and efficiency are critical skills for the innovative performance required in today’s fast-changing world. This is the target zone my clients demand and achieve through awareness of limiting behaviors and beliefs as well as acknowledgment of abilities and strategies. Aligning this understanding of self to the individual’s or organization’s sense of purpose creates the high performance achievements that I believe, are seldom achieved alone. Top athletes, performers, C-level executives and managers often credit a coach as an indispensable part of their formula for professional peak performance and personal success.

The “Integral Coaching” methodology that I  practice achieves this for my clients by looking at the whole self: the personality, cognitive strengths, emotional-intuitive wisdom and the somatic knowing of the physical body. Aligning this self-understanding to your clarified goals and intentions results in a clear direction forward for our work together. The coaching dynamic then provides consistency, accountability and unconditional focus on your short term intentions and longer term goals. The result is what I describe as  “your life lived on purpose”: authentic, empowered and personally satisfying.