One-to-one coaching

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Your highest potential is my unconditional positive intention.

This defines the powerful synergy that an effective coaching dynamic creates.

As your coach, my ability to effect the change you desire is powered foremost by my unwavering focus on your vision of who you are when living your most satisfied and accomplished life.

Whether working with individuals or groups, my clients speak of experiencing a new sense of confidence and authenticity, a greater effectiveness and flexibility in their personal and professional relationships, and a deepening self-esteem for how they increasingly manifest in the world.

Coaching the integral alignment’ that is at the heart of any measure of success, is one part methodology and one part rigor and commitment to the course we set. The third component is my deep, empathic understanding, informed by a lifetime of experience as a successful entrepreneur, executive, theatre director/choreographer, CEO, and facilitator for non-profit groups.

These personal accomplishments were the result of my effectiveness in knowing how to set the right goals, hold to course and then surpass expectations. As a coach, I take pride as my clients discover a resurgent personal effectiveness that allows them to reach new milestones in their world.

Our work begins with a development plan, derived from an intake process that elucidate the client’s current life, background, issues, challenges and aspirations.  Typically, this is both written and verbal, highly interactive lasting one to two sessions of 75 minutes each. We collaboratively formalize the issues and concerns that will form the core of our work together. The result is your unique development plan that includes exercises, practices, self-observations and readings to enhance and amplify our work between meetings.

 Sessions may be any combination of in-person, by Skype or telephone. They are always interactive, incisive and unconditionally supportive to where you are in that moment in relation to the trajectory we’ve set. The concise, consistent methodology behind our work steadily builds the integration of your cognitive (mental), emotional (intuitive, feeling) and somatic (body-kinesthetic) wisdom. This is Integral Coaching.

 My clients are executives and entrepreneurs; artists and retirees; parents seeking clarity around relationships, and individuals looking for more fulfillment in their work life. I work with baby-boomers in search of a next career or life-purpose, people in momentary turmoil, and individuals desiring a collaborative perspective to sort through, consider and redirect their lives toward greater personal satisfaction.

 It is a privilege to be a partner in empowering and effecting the change people deserve. The willingness of each of my coaching clients to step forward into new understanding and greater personal effectiveness and growth is how I define ‘an individual without limit’.