Re-vision your organization


Your company is either keeping up with the speed of change or falling behind.

 If you’ve been savvy and fortunate enough to be in the fast lane, you’re recalibrating constantly to meet the challenges of expanded opportunity and vision. If you’re static you’re in desperate need of re-vision.

 Where should you focus your company’s organizational advancement resources:

 Our focus is on the individual. We see your companies as a weaving together of the unique strengths and qualities, colors and potentials of the many human threads that create the tapestry of your work. Where other experts may focus on process and orchestration, we focus on maximizing each note for maximum clarity and outstanding resonance.

 The process often begins by working with management. We observe the workplace, follow management to meetings as well as watch management and their teams in action. We will then develop a proposal and plan to arrive at the scope of our coaching work as we identify the people and organize qualities that are to be included in our work with your company.

 This is both an additive and a reductive process, particular to each individual. Alleviating overwhelm, reducing workflow inefficiency and mental clutter at the processing/desktop level, uncovering latent resistances or self-perceived personal inadequacies are often starting points of the work. Our astute professional listening and guidance in a one-to-one format often engenders a new sense of personal efficacy and empowerment in individuals that reverberates as renewed enthusiasm for their work life.

 By focusing on your key people, we reinvigorate the vital flow in your company, unblocking what may be manifesting as the frozen pipes of your revenue stream, inventiveness, employee morale, perceived corporate good will, sales or innovation.

 We identify the 3 A’s: Attitude, action and alternatives to re-energize your culture of expansion. People who show up ‘on fire’—enthused, aligned, feeling supported and engaged—create teams where breakthrough ideas reach the marketplace first.  While there may not be an “I” in “Team”, your team is only as innovative as its individual players!

 As a result of coaching your key individuals, the underlying dynamics of the company become crystal clear. Working with management we tackle the issues that have come to light, allowing you to better align your company to its vision, purpose, ease of operation and commitment to its greatest resource—its individuals.